Camera Phone Obsession

by Peter G. Aitken

Published by Paraglyph Press, August 2004
ISBN 1-932111-96-4   
272 pages

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A camera phone is just another digital camera - or is it? The evidence says no. There's something different about camera phones that is generating a whole new way of doing and looking at photography. Being connected all the time is part of it for sure, so is having your camera with you almost all the time. From quick family photos to online moblogs, from political activism to personal diaries, from industrial espionage to art exhibitions, camera phones are having an impact much greater than anyone would have predicted. This book, the first ever written on the subject, is your complete guide to the technology and culture of camera phones.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Camera Phone Revolution
Chapter 2: Getting the Camera Phone Setup That Meets Your Needs
Chapter 3: Photography Basics for Camera Phone Users
Chapter 4: Processing Your Photos with Software
Chapter 5: Printing Your Photos
Chapter 6: Sharing Your Photos
Chapter 7: Moblog Madness
Chapter 8: Moblogs Step-by-Step
Chapter 9: Camera Phone Legal Concerns and Etiquette
Chapter 10: Cool Projects You Can Do with Your Camera Phone