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Digital Camera Design Guide

by Peter Aitken

Published by Coriolis Group Books

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Your complete guide to creating and manipulating digital images

Whether you have just bought your first digital camera, have been using one for a while, or are scanning in your old family photographs, Digital Camera Design Guide will help you get the most from your images. The author starts by explaining the technology behind digital cameras and scanners, and provides hints helping to select the one that is right for you. Then a series of step-by-step projects show you the secrets of how to manipulate your images to get exactly the results that you want. Here are some examples:

candles2.JPG (18975 bytes) Adjust brightness and contrast to get the most out of problem photographs

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Restore damaged and faded heirloom photographs to like-new condition
title_final.JPG (17204 bytes) Combine text and photos to create professional titles

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Use special effects to convert ordinary photos into something special

All photos 1997 Peter Aitken

Among the many techniques you'll learn in this book:

Printed in high-quality four color throughout, the book is profusely illustrated with screen shots, example photographs, and before/after comparisons so you can see exactly what the author is discussing. Whatever your digital photography goals, this book can help.

About the Author

Peter Aitken is an accomplished author, with over 25 titles in computer-related topics to his credit. He is an experienced photographer, having attended the Ansel Adams Photography Workshop and with his photographs displayed in many exhibitions, including several one-person shows. For many yeas Peter was a Contributing Editor at Visual Developer Magazine. Click here for information on his other books.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Photography Today, the Digital Way
Chapter 2: Using Your Digital Camera
Chapter 3: Scanning Your Images
Chapter 4: Too Light, Too Dark
Chapter 5: Correcting Color Balance
Chapter 6: Retouching
Chapter 7: Fixing the Background
Chapter 8: Combining Photographs
Chapter 9: Text in Photographs
Chapter 10: Special Effects, Part 1
Chapter 11: Special Effects, Part 2
Chapter 12: Printing Your Photographs
Chapter 13: Desktop Publishing
Chapter 14: Digital Images and the Web

What's on the CD:

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ISBN 1-57610-184-3
269 pages, 4 color throughout
Publication date: October 1997
List price: $45.00