Manage Your Money and Investments with Microsoft Excel

Peter G. Aitken

276 Pages
ISBN 0-7897-3428-1
Includes CD-ROM

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Why spend money on a complex and hard to learn personal finance program when you probably already have Excel installed on your computer? This book provides all the information you need, along with professionally designed workbook templates, to help you take change of your finances. You'll learn about credit cards, checking accounts, mortgages, auto leases, and a lot more. By using the templates you will be able to avoid unnecessary expenses and fees. This is one book that can literally pay for itself many times over.

Investment Portfolio error: users have been getting error "400" when trying to update stock prices in the Investment Portfolio worksheet. This is caused by a change in the way that MSN makes online quotes available to Excel. To download a version of the workbook that fixes the problem, click here.

Real Cost #NUM error: If you enter costs above $5297 in the real cost calculator while leaving the default interest rate at 16.99% and the default payment at $75, you'll get #NUM errors. Try increasing the monthly payment and the error will go away.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Understanding the Basics of Financial Calculations

    - Taking Control of Your Finances
    - Using Excel to Work With Money
    - Working With Basic Financial Calculations
    - Tracking Your Net Worth

Part 2: Taking Control of Your Bank and Credit Card Accounts

    - Managing Your Money With a Budget
    - Being Smart With Your Checking Accounts
    - Getting the Most From Your Credit Cards

Part 3: Financing Your Home and Car

    - Understanding Mortgages and Getting the One That's Best for You
    - Considering Home Equity Loans
    - Refinancing Your Mortgage
    - Understand Escrow Accounts
    - Renting versus Buying Your Home - Making the Right Choice
    - Your New Car - Buy or Lease?

Part 4: Managing Your Investments

    - Learning the Fundamentals of Investing
    - Tracking Your Investments
    - Comparing Mutual Funds
    - Planning for College or Retirement


    - Workbook Template Reference
    - Glossary of Financial Terms

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