Powering Office 2003 with XML

by Peter G. Aitken

Published by Wiley, October 2003
ISBN 7645-4122-6
431 pages

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Perhaps the most important new features in Office 2003 are the vastly improved support for XML. This includes not only several of the traditional Office applications (Word, Excel, Access, and FrontPage) but also a totally new application called InfoPath. With the new Office you have unprecedented power to share data with any other application that supports XML. With a clear and easy to follow style, this book covers

The book includes 6 chapters of real-world case studies that show you how to use XML to combine two or more Office applications into an integrated enterprise solution. In addition, two appendices present the details of XML syntax and XSD schemas. The CD-ROM that is included provides all of the book's code as well as trial or shareware versions of several dozen programs.


Page 124

A reader has reported that you must use parseFloat instead of parseInt to get the results to display correctly.