Windows Script Host

by Peter G. Aitken

Published by Prentice Hall PTR, February 2001
364 pages, $44.99
ISBN 0-13-028701-6

The Windows Script Host offers users and system administrators a powerful set of tools for saving time, reducing errors, and improving efficiency by automating a wide range of system, application, and file-related tasks. Using an easy-to-read tutorial style, this book teaches you all you need to start using WSH for your own needs. You'll learn about the WSH object model, the VBScript and JScript languages, creating your own WSH components, and scripting Microsoft Office, among other topics. The book contains plenty of real-world programming examples, and is aimed at beginning to intermediate level users. 

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Table of Contents:

  1. Windows Script Host Fundamentals
  2. The WSH Object Model.
  3. Creating, Running, and Scheduling Scripts.
  4. Script Arguments, WSH files, and Web Scripting.
  5. Testing and Debugging Your Scripts.
  6. VBScript: Basic Syntax, Data Storage, and Operators.
  7. VBScript: Conditional Statements, Loops, and Functions.
  8. VBScript: Strings, Dates, and Times.
  9. VBScript: Creating Objects and Error Handling.
  10. JScript: Basic Syntax, Data Storage, and Operators.
  11. JScript: Conditional Statements, Loops, and Functions.
  12. JScript: Strings, Math, Dates, and Times.
  13. JScript: Objects and Error Handling.
  14. WSH 2.0 and WSF Files
  15. File Access and Management.
  16. Creating Windows Script Components.
  17. WSH Database Access
  18. Scripting Microsoft Office Components
  19. Messaging with WSH.
  20. Using WSH for Administrative Tasks.
  21. A WSH Programmer's Toolbox.

Appendix 1: VBScript's Built in Constants.
Appendix 2: VBScript Keywords.
Appendix 3: ASCII Character Codes.
Appendix 4. VBScript Error Codes.
Appendix 5. JScript Reserved Words.
Appendix 6. JScript Error Codes.
Appendix 7: WSH Resources on the Internet