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Teach Yourself Microsoft Word 2000

by Peter Aitken

Published by Sams Publishing

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The Fastest and Easiest Way to Learn Word 2000

This book offers straightforward, practical answers for when you need fast results. By concentrating on those program features you need most often, you can start getting useful work done quickly without having to wade through a 1000 page book. Even if you have never used a word processor before, you'll be up and running quickly.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Word
Chapter 2: Creating a New Document
Chapter 3: Basic Editing Tasks
Chapter 4: Saving and Opening Documents
Chapter 5: Using the Help System
Chapter 6: Finding and Replacing Text
Chapter 7: Changing the Screen Display
Chapter 8: Using Word's Proofreading Tools
Chapter 9: Printing, Faxing, or E-mailing Your Document
Chapter 10: Changing the Appearance of Text
Chapter 11: Applying Indents and Justification
Chapter 12: Creating Numbered and Bulleted Lists
Chapter 13: Setting Tabs and Line Spacing
Chapter 14: Using Styles to Control Formatting
Chapter 15: Advanced Style Techniques
Chapter 16: Working With Margins, Pages, and Sections
Chapter 17: Adding Page Numbers, Headers, and Footers
Chapter 18: Saving Time With AutoCorrect and AutoText
Chapter 19: Using Symbols and Special Characters
Chapter 20: Organizing Your Document With Tables
Chapter 21: Arranging Text Into Columns
Chapter 22: Adding Graphics to Your Document
Chapter 23: Working With Multiple Documents
Chapter 24: Creating and Modifying Document Templates
Chapter 25: Word and the World Wide Web
Chapter 26: Revision Marks, Multiple Versions, and Web Collaboration
Chapter 27: Customizing the Way Word Works

ISBN 0-672-31441-X
225 pages, 2 color
Publication date: May 1999
List price: $12.99