Teach Yourself C in 21 Days, 
5th Edition

Peter Aitken and Bradley Jones

Published by Sams, October 1999
878 pages, $29.99
ISBN 0-672-31766-4

The fifth edition of this best-seller continues the tradition of presenting the C language in an easy to understand way. No previous experience is required. You start out with the basics, then in 21 clear, concise lessons you progress through all aspects of C programming. Questions and exercises at the end of each lesson help you to see your progress and test your knowledge. A bonus week, new to this edition, gives an introduction to object oriented programming with C++ and Java. Here's what readers have said about previous editions:

The author, Peter G. Aitken, is a widely known writer with over 25 computer-related books to his credit. His titles include Visual Basic 6 Programming Blue Book, The Visual Basic Insider, and Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6 Internet Programming in 21 Days. For many years Peter wrote the popular Basically Visual column for Visual Developer Magazine.