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Teach Yourself
Internet Programming
with Visual Basic 6
in 21 Days

by Peter G. Aitken

Published by Sams Publishing, December 1998
554 pages, $29.99
ISBN 0-672-31459-2.

Visual Basic 6 provides the developer with unprecedented Internet programming power, and this book is the quickest and easiest way to learn all of these tools. The book follows the popular "Teach Yourself in 21 Days" format to cover all aspects of Internet programming for Visual Basic developers. Among the real-world applications you'll develop are a web search engine, a link verification utility, a customized web browser, and an on-line database. Click here to see a list of corrections that have been found since publication.

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The author, Peter G. Aitken, is a widely known writer with over 25 computer-related books to his credit. His titles include Visual Basic 6 Programming Blue Book, Teach Yourself C in 21 Days, and The Visual Basic Insider. For many years Peter wrote the popular Basically Visual column for Visual Developer Magazine.

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Page 161

At the bottom of the page, in step 1, the variable gDoc1 must be declared with the Public keyword as follows:

Public gDoc1 As Doc1