Yellowfin and dolphin off the NC Coast

In April 2006 we (my wife Maxine and me) chartered the Second to None out of Morehead City, NC, for some tuna fishing. In addition to catching some fish, our goal was to learn the ins and outs of Gulf Stream fishing for tuna and whatever else was out there. Captain Shane and Rick, the mate, were very willing to teach us. So at 5:15 AM on Easter morning we headed out into a rough sea with 10 foot swells. Two hours later we arrived at the Gulf Stream. It was a lot calmer there - very good! We started trolling 9 ballyhoo and 2 teasers. Half an hour later - KABOOM - and within 30 seconds we had tuna on all 9 lines. It was an absolute madhouse for the next 45 minutes. With the mate's help we managed to bring in 4 of the fish, yellowfin in the 30-40 pound range. Over the next few hours we landed 8 more tuna and half a dozen good size dolphin fish. At 1 PM, having reached our limit - and with our arms ready to fall out of their sockets - we headed for port.

In our enthusiasm we decided to forego the services of the dockside fish cleaners and take them all home to do ourselves. Big mistake! 400 pounds of tuna are a big job, and the cleaning and packaging took us a day and a half. We have given at least half away to friends and family, and the freezer is stuffed. This tuna is so delicious! We have had it as sashimi and also seared. The fresh dolphin fish is exceptional. Healthy too! It was a great experience.

Here I am pulling in a big one. I actually found our Braid harnesses to be easier than the fighting chair.
Back at the dock with the catch.
Maxine with one of the dolphin fish, a male as indicated by the shape of the forehead..
This is me with a female dolphin.
Maxine about the carve up one of the tuna.